Thursday, May 15, 2008

How did you get that there?

People often ask how we got Unwheeldy to wherever we are.
The preferred way is human powered transportation--after all, that's part of the point of it all. Simplest of course is riding it. But since the max speed is about 4-5 mph, a slightly faster way is better. For a while, we used a quadricycle which goes around 7-9 mph pretty easily when towing, plus it's clearly heavier than unwheeldy. But we've decided to go for even more speed and use a normal bicycle:

Fewer people makes it a little harder to tow, but not much--we just do it relay style and switch off when tired.

So far, the bicycle is the fastest way yet. If you look back at the pictures in the archives of this blog, you'll also find out how it can be moved by motor vehicle.

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