Thursday, January 17, 2008

Los Altos High Science and Technology Week

Unwheeldy was featured as part of an event at the Los Altos High School Science and Technology Week, along with some other "bicycle" technology. Martin Kreig did the organizing and much of the presenting, talking a bit about the history of bicycles, the buscycle, and his high wheeler. Bob Schneeveis demonstrated his amazing solar chariot, and I got to ramble a bit about Unwheeldy and Kinetic Sculpture racing. I hope some of the students there will build cool things, or perhaps even enter one of the races.

Gettting there was an adventure... You can in fact get from midtown Palo Alto to Los Altos on small streets (approx. route)--the only multi-lane street is a 100' zig-zag at San Antonio road. But there is a price to pay for this route: the crossing of Adobe Creek is on a bike path. The bridge is 8 feet wide... which is conveniently enough the exact same width as Unwheeldy. However, the width isn't really maintained to a full height, so there was a bit of parting-of-the trees involved

One of the fun things of towing with the quad is watching the reactions from others. A few people are oblivious. Almost none irritated. Lots of smiles. At least one actual jaw-drop. And when passing a playground, a swarm of children headed towards the fence as we rode by.

Particular thanks to the sophomore who volunteered to help me ride it back, I wouldn't have made it without him.