Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recent events

Unwheeldy has been to Burning Man and several local events in Palo Alto. In a few cases we joined up with the buscycle, such as the finale of the Palo Alto Walks and Rolls week and a store's Harvest Fest. There's sure to be various pictures of these events on the internet, some of mine are mixed in my related collection of pictures.

There are some more pictures from Jean-Luc Brouillet and Jon Perkins who helped tow the vehicle to these events on the quad bike constructed by and on loan from Jay Bain.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting bicycle. I love the way it looks and the videos of how it was built. How do you steer it?

Matthew Blain said...

It's a fixie--or you could say it's steered like a tank. Take a look at some of the videos linked to this post and you'll see it doing 360's, or riding along (you might have to follow a few links to see that.)

Anonymous said...

Good words.